New inter-island air service to launch in the summer

NEW airline Waves has carried out its first test flights and claims it is on track to start flying commercially in a few months’ time.

The company, led by tech entrepreneur and Guernsey resident Nick Magliocchetti, will operate a single-engine Cessna Grand Caravan on an inter-island service.

It is currently proposing flat fares for individual travel at £60-65 each way for Jersey-Guernsey and £45 each way for Guernsey-Alderney.
The company has also launched a second round of fundraising, looking to find £2.5 million to fund the acquisition of three ten-seater aircraft to operate ‘on demand’ inter-island services and to fly to northern France.
Mr Magliocchetti said he was confident he could secure the backing from institutions overseas, but also wanted to allow locals to support what he described as ‘probably the most exciting company to come out of the Channel Islands in a very long time’.
Discussions are continuing with Guernsey’s Border Agency about the levels of security required, with the intention of operating in a similar way to current private charter flights and not having to go through formal security procedures.
It also has further plans to introduce two Beechcraft King Air 250 aircraft into the fleet next year to offer charter travel to other destinations, particularly southern Europe.
Guernsey’s Economic Development President Deputy Peter Ferbrache said he welcomed the company’s efforts.
‘It’s adventurous and different but if you don’t try you won’t succeed and I sincerely wish them the best. People always moan about a lack of alternatives for inter-island travel well here’s a chance for people to support it,’ he said.