Jersey and Guernsey

The Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey have very different tax regulations to the UK and thanks to this, whilst you are employed, you will be paying little or no tax. The Islands are not only recognized as global financial centers, but also very attractive tourist resorts. The picturesque landscape of the Islands consists of fairytale castles, sandy beaches and sparkling blue sea-water. Many coastal beaches have been described by travelers as some of the most beautiful in the world.

Further inland you may relax in the enchanting atmosphere of the English countryside, surrounded by sleepy villages and green hills. Breathtaking views are guaranteed on any of the many cliff walks and both Islands have attractive town centers with popular pubs, nightclubs, shops and restaurants.

The Islands benefit from the surrounding warm waters of the gulf-stream, ensuring a mild climate throughout the year. Unlimited access to the sea makes the Islands a paradise for water sports enthusiasts; one can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing and sailing.