Maria Obara – Polish Receptionist


My success story

I would like to tell you how thanks to Mr Peter McGarry and his Open Mind Recruitment personnel, I found myself in paradise – literally in paradise. My name is Maria Obara, I am 26 years old and I come from Sopot in Poland. I arrived on the beautiful Island of Guernsey in May 2012 to start my work as a receptionist in a large three-star hotel.

During my studies in Poland I worked for 6 years as an English teacher in a private school on a temporary contract. The employer hired people only on temporary contacts without any pension scheme. After I finished my study at The High School of Tourism and Hotel Trade in Gdansk I found a job in a four-star hotel in Gdansk. Although hotel trade is the field in which I want to develop my career, working for the lowest possible salary in Poland didn’t fulfill my expectations at all. After six months I decided to change the job, but it proved very hard to find new employment and that was the moment I decided to move to Great Britain. I started searching for a job on my own without much effect; after sending dozens of CVs I was invited for only for one interview in London. I decided not to go as it was too much of a gamble to go to London for the interview without the certainty of being offered a job.

Finally, I came across Open Mind Recruitment’s advert for work abroad. Mr Peter McGarry conducted a few phone conversations with me in the English language and after making sure that I had the appropriate command of English for a receptionist position, started very intensive job searching on the English Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. To be honest, at the beginning I was skeptical, because I am very outgoing person, open for the world and people, so I was a little bit afraid that I wouldn’t be happy living on such a small Island. I was also unsure about using recruitment agencies, because some of them charge for finding you a job or they take some percentage from your future salary. In this case all of my concerns were totally unfounded and unnecessary as Open Mind Recruitment doesn’t apply any of these practices. It is the employer who covers the recruitment costs.

After two interviews via Skype, I got the job in Guernsey at a large conference hotel, which has one hundred bedrooms. Straight after being accepted the employer sent me a contract via email. The conditions for me as an employee were terrific! The contract was for an indefinite period, eight hours work per day and then two days off one after the other, but the most important thing was that the salary is five times higher than in Poland. I packed myself quickly and the next moment I was landing on the Island. Everything was as it was suppose to be or even better.

From the airport I was picked up by my great Reception Manager. The Hotel provided me with my own en-suite room which is of a very good standard, wifi and meals three times a day, including two hot meals daily. The cost for accommodation and board is equal to one fifth of my salary. It also occurred that I don’t have to work night shifts. Moreover, when I went to the tax office, the very polite and helpful ladies told me that the majority of my salary is tax free and that’s why the Island of Guernsey is called a tax paradise.

There were only positive surprises. The atmosphere at work is pleasant, the managers support us and they are very helpful in a professional manner. The people on the Island are very polite and so nice. My worries concerning that I might be bored on the Island were so wrong – through all of the seasons are a variety of festivals taking place, walks on the cliff paths are stunning and incredibly inspiring for me, the crystal coasts all around, this Island are just created for cyclists. Every day I am astonished by the beautiful views created by nature. I have found another part time job at the weekends without any problems, I have bought my first car, I train in the superb leisure centre, I have visited Jersey, St. Malo, and London with my boyfriend and finally I can afford to make my dreams come true.

I am so happy that I encountered Open Mind Recruitment. Every day I really appreciate the lack of stress and problems in contrast to life in Poland. Mr McGarry was looking for my dream job with real enthusiasm and he didn’t stop to believe that we will make it even for a moment. He truly helped me. When he sometimes calls to ask how I am doing, the big smile of gratitude is being put on my face. I honestly recommend cooperation with Mr Peter McGarry, if you wish to work in the hotel trade with satisfaction. In case of any doubts or questions I can answer emails with pleasure:

Thank you Peter and Open Mind Recruitment so much! I will be grateful for a lifetime!!!